Update Software for Launch X431 Diagun III/V/V+/PAD/PAD II/PAD III/Easydiag

Item No.: x431update
Top 4 Reasons to Buy:
1. 1 Year Online Update Service.
2. Cheaper than Launch Official Update.
3. Only need SN, no need ID and password.
4. It can be used on all Andriod Tablet, not nessarily original Launch Tablet.

Launch X431 Update Software for Launch X431 Diagun III/Diagun IV/V/V+/PAD/PAD II/PAD III/Easydiag

Important Notice:

1. What we provide is 1 Year Online Update Service, not one time email update. 

2. Please make sure your Tablet is with Andriod system, not Windows or IOS.

3. For Diagun III, Diagun IV, or other X431 with Windows system, you will need another Andriod Tablet, if you don't mind, you can even use your Andriod cellphone, our software can only be used on Andriod.  
4. Currently we don't provide update for old x431 Diagun/GX3/Master/GDS, etc, only for those with newer X431 with Tablet.  

How to Update ? 

1. The only info we need is EOBD software, please download from Launch official website and send to me.
Guidence on downloading EOBD>>
If you forgot the ID and password, please contact our service directly. 

2. After payment, we'll send you Another app with ID&Password within 24 hours. You will be able to download the latest software within 1 year. 

How much and How to Pay?

99USD Only~   
Pay via Paypal >> https://www.paypal.me/x431update



1. I downloaded the software, but It shows "It didn't connect the bluetooth connector", why?

     Please click the "Firmware update", then restart the scanner. It will work perectly. 

2. I downloaded the software, but the language is in Spainish, can we change it into English? 

    Yes, please change the Language Setting of your Tablet into English before downloading the software. 

3. I forgot /lost the ID and Password, can you still help update?

    Yes, we can. If your Launch X431 is bought from China, we could help you check with launch company and find back for free. But if it's bought from your native distributer, we may not be able to find back, but we could still help you update, it's 150USD for the update though. 

4. What's the latest Launch X431 scanner? 

    Launch X431 V , Launch X431 V+ . Both can work on over 70 car models.
    What's the difference of V and V+? >> 

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Sales Manager 
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