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What to do if Launch X431 DBSCAR Bluetooth Adapter get lost?

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Update time : 2020-09-25 08:22:31
If your Launch X431 scanner DBS bluetooth connnector is lost or broken, don't worry, take a photo of the following information and send us via email : , we'll help apply a new one from Launch company. 

1). A picture of Sealed Envelop that shows SN

2). A picture of the back of Launch X431 machine that shows SN.
     It might be too old to see it clearly, it's ok, just take a picture, we'll explain to Launch Company.

3. A picture of when "Connecting the Bluetooth" that shows SN
    If you bluetooth is lost, you should still be able find the record like this :

4. A picture of "Setting — Bluetooth" that shows SN. 

     Make sure that all the SN on pictures are the Same.Cos if you have lost your Bluetooth twice, it might not be the same, in this case please contact us directly. 

5. Username of your Launch Device
Information above is necessary for us, thanks for your cooperation.