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How to Update DS708?

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Update time : 2020-10-20 10:49:10
Dear Valued Customers,
It's regret that Autel company now doesn't have update for Autel DS708, the latest software is Up to 2017 version

How to update into 2017 Version?
Please send us your DS708 Serial Number first. 
1). If your DS708 was expired before 2015-1-1, it will need 550USD to get the latest version, since there is no more updates later on, it will basicly be one-time update. 
2). If your DS708 was expired after 2015-1-1, Congratulations! You will be able to get the latest software FOR FREE

If you need a new Autel good and cheap, I'll recommend you buy a Autel MP808 instead, it's the replacement of DS808, price is $595, if you need even better, choose Autel MP808TS, $675. 

Any further question, please contact our service's whatsapp/wechat : +86 18664982862 (Kellie).