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Hi, Welcome to our website, OBDFAMILY here!

As a manufacture in Car Repair Area for over 8 years, we totally understand that there are lots of Diagnostic Tools with Low Quality in China Market, or you may have met some Sellers with No Faith at all, who doesn't even ship your package after payment or Not Willing to solve your aftersale problems, which is quite annoying. 

As a Chinese supplier, I have to say I'm not proud. But It's Time to End it All! 
Because Now You Have a Priviate Serectary in Car Repair Tool Area! 

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Us: 

1.16 Hours Online at your service!
      Don’t you just hate it when you need to talk to your Chinese Suppliers urgently but they're not available basicly most of the time you work? 
      Add Kellie's whatsapp (+86 18664982862), 16 Hours Online at your service!

2.  Always honest about our Products!
     Aren’t you tired of those suppliers who always answer “YES” when you ask if their diagnostic tool will work on your vehicle, but when you receive, only find out it doesn't? 
     Add Kellie's whatsapp (+86 18664982862), you may not be happy, because I might say “NO”!

3.  Always welcome your after-sale enquiries
    Aren’t you fed up of those suppliers who were available only when you decided to place order, but not have patience at all when you ask more questions, not to mention how fast they vanish when you have after-sale enquires?
    Add Kellie's whatsapp (+86 18664982862), I’d love to help if they don’t!

More reasons to Choose Us ? Because they did! 
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Kellie Deng
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