Launch 12V to 24V Heavy Duty Truck Diesel Adapter Cable for X431 Easydiag2.0/3.0 Golo Carcare

With this adapter, your easydiag will be able to work on truck models, Very powerfull!

Launch 12V to 24V Heavy Duty Diesel Adapter for X431 Easydiag2.0/3.0 Golo Carcare

This 12V to 24V adapter needs to  work together with Launch X431 Easydiag2.0/3.0 GOLO, with this adapter, your easydiag will become a truck scanner. Very powerful. Without it, even if you have full software, your easydiag can only work on cars. 
Note : This is only an 12V to 24V adapter, if your easydiag doesn't have full software, please check the FAQ.  


Packing listing:

1PC  X  12V to 24V Truck Adapter

Q. How much is this adapter?
A.  $75

Q. I do have a Launch easydiag 2.0/3.0, do you sell full software? How much?
A. Yes, we can provide full software, 150USD only for 1 year online update, with cars and trucks software in it.
>> >>
If you need to check the truck model list, Pls check the picture list below.

Q. Can I still buy the easydiag 3.0? How much? It seems out of factory in China market. 
A. Yes, not original. We can provide easydiag 3.0 with full software!!! 299USD Only!!! Top quality!!!
It supports 1 year online update service, software is 100% the same with original one. You're gonna love it!
Pls check this link for details >>
With 299USD+75USD = 374USD, you will have a New Universal Diagnostic Tool for both Car and Truck!!!
Trust me, it's Super!!!


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